Introducing our new line… BUMBLE and BUMBLE



We are proud to announce that we will now be carrying the full line of Bumble and bumble (Bb.) products! Beginning this Friday, you’ll be able to stop in and get all of your favorite styling products for curly, straight, thick and thin hair! The Bumble and bumble line has been used by celebrity hair stylists in the popular Twilight saga movie series, TV shows Glee, Modern Family, True Blood and Vampire Diaries! 

The original Bumble and bumble salon was founded in 1977 by Michael Gordon in New York City. Frustrated with the mediocrity of existing product lines, he creates the Bb. line in 1990. Today, they House of Bumble boasts a comprehensive line for all hair types and is one of the most popular styling lines in the world!

Come see for yourself…